Current Planning

The current planning function deals with establishing the entitlements of a property for development with a particular use.  Current planning processes ensure the property has the correct zoning district to allow the desired use and that the proposed site plan is consistent with surrounding developments, the General Plan, and the Zoning Ordinance requirements.  In many cases, this process also includes reviewing the architectural design of the buildings and the landscape plans.  Which types of applications a project needs is determined during review of the project with city planning staff.

Types of Applications/Review Process

Annexation.  Annexing of land is the process of bringing additional land into the city limits. 


Subdivisions. Subdividing is the process of dividing larger parcels of land into smaller tracts or lots.  This process includes Maps of Dedication, Land Splits, and Plats.  Also included with this area is adjusting the boundaries between lots - Lot Line Adjustments, making corrections to previously approved subdivisions - Affidavit of Change and Affidavit of Correction, and enlarging the size of a piece of property through Lot Combinations.


Rezoning. Each piece of property within the City of Mesa has a zoning designation that determines what land uses are allowed and what the development requirements are.  Rezoning is the process of changing the designation on a piece of property.  Rezonings are reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Board prior to action by the City Council.


Council Use Permits. Council use permits are conditional uses that can occur on a piece of property if it receives approval by the City Council at a public hearing.  Typically these are uses that could have a significant impact on adjacent properties.  Council use permits are reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Board prior to action by the City Council.


Site Plan Review.  Most non-single residence properties in Mesa must receive site plan approval prior to development.  Once a site plan is approved, site plan modifications must be approved prior to making a change to the site.  Site plans are approved by either the City Council or Planning and Zoning Board.  Site plan modifications are approved by either the Planning and Zoning Board or staff.


Design Review Design review deals with the architectural quality of buildings and the landscape design.  Most multiple residence, commercial, and industrial developments require design review approval prior to being able to submit for a building permit.  Modifications to properties that have previously received design review approval must also be reviewed.  New projects receive review and direction by the Design Review Board.  Most projects are approved by staff.



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