Long Range Planning

Long Range Planning in the City of Mesa focuses on the "big picture" of how the City should look and function in the future. It builds upon people and events of the past that have shaped Mesa's present. It is the tool for making conscious decisions on how the City should take shape in the coming years. This area of responsibility implements, updates and maintains the Mesa 2025 General Plan and associated documents such as Sub-Area Plans.  It is at the planning stage that the direction and policy is set, the zoning ordinance and other tools are created to implement the plan.

Adopted Plans

Mesa 2040 General Plan.  This Mesa 2025 General Plan was adopted by the Council and voters of the City of Mesa in 2002.  This Plan contains the current policy direction for the development of the community.  By state statute requirements, rezoning of property must be consistent with the general plan.

 Sub-area and Neighborhood Plans.  In addition to the General Plan, the City of Mesa has developed several sub-area and neighborhood plans to refine the development policy direction for specific areas of the community.  These plans include:







Amendments to the General Plan

The adopted General Plan can be considered for amendment to accommodate changes in desired land uses through either a Major General Plan amendment or a Minor General Plan amendment.  Chapter 14 of the General Plan defines major and minor amendments.  Major amendments may be filed only once a year, minor amendments may be filed at any time.  The City may sponsor minor amendments to make other modifications to the goals, objectives, policies, or other procedures contained in the General Plan.










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