Planning and Zoning Process Overview

Overview of items reviewed by the Planning and Zoning board (Rezoning, Council Use Permits, Site Plans, Minor General Plan Amendments)

Through the pre-submittal process, a determination will be made as to what types of applications are needed to gain approval of the desired development.  With the exception of a Major General Plan Amendment, the general process is as follows:

  • First submittal - the applicant submits the application form and required fees along with the required documents by the established deadline date.  Staff will review the material and provide feedback to the applicant as to the potential support for the request, additional material needed, modifications needed to meet plan and ordinance requirements, etc.  This feedback is typically provided within 2 weeks of the submittal deadline.

  • Follow up submittal - based on the feedback received, the applicant will make a follow up submittal of revised or additional material.  If the application is complete and the issues have been addressed, a date will be set for the Planning and Zoning Board hearing.  Notices will be sent, the property will need to be posted, and the request will be advertised in the newspaper.

  • Citizen Participation - Most submittals require a citizen participation plan.  This plan must state how the applicant will engage surrounding property owners and residents in review of the development request.  At least 10 days prior to the scheduled hearing, the applicant must provide a report of the feedback received and actions taken as a result of the citizen input.

  • Planning and Zoning Board - Staff prepares a report and recommendation to the Planning and Zoning Board.  This report and recommendation is available on Thursday afternoon prior to the Wednesday meeting.  the Board holds its regular meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  the Tuesday morning before that meeting a study session is held to review cases, obtain clarification about the requests, and ask for additional information that may be needed to help render a decision or recommendation.  All Board meetings are open to the public and the applicants are encouraged to attend.

The Planning and Zoning Board makes the final decision on some site plans and site plan modifications.  All rezoning, general plan amendments, and Council Use Permits, some site plans and site plan modifications, go on to the City Council for final action.  The City Council hearing is generally scheduled in the month following the Planning and Zoning Board meeting.

Major General Plan Amendments

A major plan amendment is required for development proposals of 320 acres or more that are not consistent with the planned character of an area as described in the Mesa 2040 General Plan (see pages 16-23 of the General Plan).  The procedures for processing a major amendment are established by state statute.  The procedures specify that these applications received in a calendar year must be processed together such that they all are heard by the City Council at the same meeting.  The review process must also include a 60-day review period when comments can be received and two public hearings by the Planning and Zoning Board.  In Mesa, major general plan amendments must be received in January. The application form contains a description of the requirements and the timeline for the current year.



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