West Main Street Area Plan


The LandmarkThe West Main Street Area Plan is an effort to identify and pro-actively guide the emerging forces of change in the study area.  Those changes include, but are not limited to, new development, the arrival of light rail, and the departure of some automotive dealerships.  This living planning effort will result in recommendations that reflect the community's vision while guiding the physical development of the area over a long period of time.  In a nutshell, the plan recommendations will identify measures to direct future land uses, infrastructure planning, and community facilities towards the community's shared vision of the future.  The Plan boundaries include University Drive to the north, Broadway Road to the south, Country Club Drive to the east and the Mesa/Tempe city limits to the west.  The initial purpose of this plan is to encourage residents' participation in providing ideas, comments, and input of local knowledge of the areas where they live, work, learn and play.


Plan Approved by City Council on December 3, 2007.

A Community's Vision ~ "Best Master Plan" in Arizona by AzAPA, November 6, 2008


West Main Street is a place where history is respected and embraced along with excitement for changes that will occur in the future.  New andWest Main Street Area old examples of structures such as the classic neon-deco signs peacefully co-mingle with examples of original, contemporary architecture and other architectural styles.  During community wide forums residents of this area identified their vision of what they want West Main Street Area to be.  This vision is of a close-knit community:

  • With moderate density and with a small town feel;
  • With unique and eclectic components;
  • With vibrant and active community life;
  • That celebrates, embraces and cherishes its diversity;
  • Rich in mature, stable, and vibrant residential neighborhoods;
  • With diverse and high quality housing stock;
  • That is economically balanced;
  • That is friendly to developers and businesses;
  • That is pedestrian friendly;
  • That is transit friendly; and
  • Rich in open space and recreational facilities


Executive Summary*

The Plan*
Area Characteristics & Planning Process

Plan Introduction
Plan Role and Framework
Area Characteristics
Planning Process


*The Planning and Zoning Board and the Downtown development Committee recommended approval of this plan on November 15, 2007.  The City Council adopted the Plan and Resolution on December 3, 2007.

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Community Vision
Place Making

Plan Elements:
-Land Use
-Historic Preservation
-Open Space and Recreation
-Public Infrastructure

Design Imperatives and Illustrations
Plan Implementation

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