Sign Ordinance Update

The update to the City of Mesa Sign Code is currently on-hold pending the outcome
of several court cases regarding sign ordinances.

The Development and Sustainability Department (DSD) is developing an update to the City’s sign code.

The current Sign Code is part of Mesa’s Zoning Ordinance - Title 11, Chapter 41.  It was originally adopted in 1986 with several sections being subject to minor revisions since that time.

The City is seeking public input on:

  • Issues identified to date
    • Permanent Sign allowances:
      • Sign Height
      • Sign Area
      • Number of Allowed Signs
      • Design Standards for Materials and Type
  • Temporary Sign allowances
    • A-frames
    • Banners
    • Grand Openings
    • Special and Promotional Events
  • Alternative Ways of Developing Comprehensive Sign Plans
  • Freeway Signs
    • Placement and Number of Signs
    • Processing of Request
  • Electronic Message Panels
    • Message Change Frequency
    • Brightness
  • Historic Signs
    • Threshold Dates
  • Reformatting of the Sign Ordinance
  • Nonconforming and Discontinued Signs
  • Alternatives: Review and comment on possible options to address the identified issues


Current Topic/Issue List

Upcoming Meetings

5:00 p.m.
Main Library
Saguaro Room
64 E. 1st Street

Date Topic
January (date TBD) 1. Administration
2. Non-conforming and Discontinued Signs
Previous Meetings
Date Topic
October 30 1. Reformatting and Reorganization
2. Proposed Revisions to Temporary Sign Requirements
November 20 1. Proposed Revisions to Permanent Sign Requirements
2. Design Standards for Permanent Signs
December (Cancelled) 1. Revisions to Comprehensive Sign Plan Process
2. Proposed Administrative Sign Plan Process
February 21 Commercial signs
February 7 Temporary signs
January 24 Set basic organization of the Sign Code Advisory Committee and list of topics for future meetings.
March 7 Residential signs
March 21 Downtown/Urban Area/Mixed Use Signs
April 11 Comprehensive sign plans, application processing, sign permits, sign design standards
April 18 No-conforming signs, discontinued signs, abandoned signs and their removal.
April 25 Freeway signs, electronic message panels
May 2 Discussion/direction before writing initial draft


Questions?  Contact:
Gordon Sheffield

How can I participate?


Tentative Timeline for Process:

Through Spring 2015 - Sign Code Advisory meetings

Summer 2013 through 2014 - Continued development of draft document

Winter 2014 and 2015 - Public meetings and public hearings (tentatively including: Planning & Zoning Board, Design Review Board and Board of Adjustment public meetings)

Winter 2015 (tentative) - City Council Consideration