Alarm Enforcement Unit


Working with the citizens of Mesa to increase the effectiveness of their alarm systems.  

The Mesa Police Alarm Enforcement Unit enforces the City of Mesa Alarm Ordinance 6-15.  The ordinance requires alarm permits for all alarm users.

Alarm systems are designed to protect lives and property if they are installed, used, and maintained properly. When the alarm systems are not properly used or maintained, the number of calls for police dispatches increases. As police dispatches increase, the cost in taxpayer dollars also increases.

The Mesa Police Alarm Enforcement Unit and Mesa citizens can work together to reduce the number of false alarm calls and:

  • Save thousands of taxpayer's dollars.
  • Allow police officers to respond more quickly to actual emergency situations.


Regulatory Information SB1598 and A.R.S. 9-837


Alarm User Tips and Information


Servicing Alarm Systems

Remember to service your alarm system at least every 12 months to maintain the system in good working order. If you are going to be away from your property for any length of time, always test the alarm system at least 2 weeks prior to make sure that it is functioning properly. Contact your alarm company for any necessary repairs or maintenance. Provide your alarm monitoring company with any updated contact name and telephone information and the date of your return.


Alarm Company Requirements

 Information on finding the license or certificate for your alarm company can be found here.


Canceling False Alarms

Did you know that your alarm monitoring company is required to call two (2) telephone numbers that you have designated prior to contacting the Mesa Police Department for any burglary alarm call? Two-call verification should give you an opportunity to cancel any false burglary alarm dispatches.

The two-call verification does not apply to a panic or a robbery alarm call. A robbery or panic alarm call cannot be cancelled and officers must respond.



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