Crime Prevention Unit

The Mesa Police Department has four crime prevention officers who have all received International Crime Prevention Specialist certification, as well as certification for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). They are highly trained in all areas of crime prevention, including personal safety, senior safety, workplace violence prevention, robbery prevention, drugs, home security, and identity theft, to name a few.

They are here to help communities establish active Neighborhood Watch programs, assist businesses and homeowners with preventing crime, and work with the street officers to address neighborhood issues and facilitate problem-solving methods.

If you would like to schedule a presentation to your group, please contact your crime prevention officer at least three weeks prior to the date you would like them to speak. Presentations are free of charge.

Who is your Crime Prevention Officer?

Crime prevention officers are assigned by Patrol District. Please contact your crime prevention officer by using the boundaries below to determine your police district or view the map.



You may also type your address into a mapping feature to see who your crime prevention officer is. Once you click on the mapping feature link above, type in your address where it says "search address" in the top right area of the screen and press Enter. Crime prevention officer info will be listed in the lower left area, along with what police district you are in.



There are over 65 brochures, many in Spanish, available for you and your organization. Some of the topics addressed in the brochures include home and vehicle security, personal safety, protecting your children, protecting yourself from violence, cyber-safety, cell phone safety, sexting, and different kinds of cons and frauds. For a complete list of the available brochures please visit our Literature Available page.



Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED (pronounced sep-ted), is a program that is well underway in not only businesses, but in communities, parks and facilities all around the city. The program includes an assessment of the area, suggestions on improving the safety through environmental design techniques (both to the inside and outside of the property) and a walk-through to pinpoint specific target areas to address.