The links below and those to the right provide very useful information on types of drugs, drug characteristics and effects, how to talk to your children about drugs, information for parents and teachers, information for kids & teens, clandestine labs, stash houses and what to do if you suspect drugs in your neighborhood. By clicking any of the links below, you will be leaving the Mesa Police Department web site.


Bath Salts (not the kind you use in the tub)



Krokodil is a new drug that has been popular in Russia and other parts of Europe for many years. Ingredients to make it are readily available and cheap and the high is equivalent to heroin. However, once injected, the skin near the injection site turns green and scaly. Soon it begins to rot, exposing bone and muscle. The choice at that point is amputation or death. Users of this drug are given a life expectancy of around 3 years. Graphic photos can be found online of users of this drug. Two cases of this were reported by Banner Poison Control Center in September 2013.




Nicotine Addiction


Over the Counter Drugs


Spice (Synthetic Marijuana)


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