Instruction is provided by sworn law enforcement personnel, guest speakers and senior Explorers at weekly meetings. Through prior training and experience, they teach Explorers techniques and skills in law enforcement disciplines ranging from crime prevention to crime scene investigation. In addition, from these weekly meetings and community service events, Explorers gain valuable interpersonal and life skills.

Law Enforcement Explorers receive training that is similar to what sworn law enforcement personnel receive. These skills are then put to the test in a variety of scenarios at state and national competitions. Some topics the Explorers are trained in include:


  • Building Searches
  • Traffic Stops
  • Traffic Accident Investigation
  • Domestic Violence Intervention
  • Crime Scene Invesgitation
  • Evidence Processing
  • Firearms
  • Arrest and Search Techniques
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Ardio Codes and Procedures
  • Criminal/Constitutional Law
  • Report Writing
  • Traffic/Crowd Control
  • Emergency First Aid & CPR