Help Eliminate Auto Theft (H.E.A.T.)

Did you know that the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recommends a  "layered approach" to protection? The more layers of protection on your vehicle, the tougher it is to steal!

With the goal of reducing property crime a top priority, Mesa Police Department Crime Prevention is offering a program called Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT), which aims to teach crime prevention techniques through community awareness events. Since the program's inception, Mesa has seen a large reduction in automobile thefts.

Attend a HEAT event to have your vehicle identification number (VIN) etched on your vehicle windows and learn more about auto theft prevention. Have your vehicle etched at any HEAT event listed below and get a free steering wheel lock while supplies last.


  • There is no charge to have the etching done; it's FREE!
  • No reservation is necessary; come and go.
  • The actual etching takes approximately 10 minutes. The number of vehicles in line will determine the wait time.
  • Please be sure to have your vehicle registration and insurance information with you.
  • Check with your insurance company once your vehicle is etched. Some will give a small discount, as it is a theft prevention device.
  • Out-of-state vehicles are welcome.


Visit the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA) Web site for valleywide VIN etching events you can participate in and to register your vehicle in the Watch Your Car program. Click on Upcoming Events.



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