Superstition Patrol Division

Superstition Station photoThe Superstition Division is one of the fastest growing areas within the City of Mesa, with a population of approximately 184,000 people. The district is located in the eastern portion of the city and covers approximately 69 square miles

The Superstition Station has a staff of 138 sworn Patrol Officers, including supervisors, School Resource Officers and 12 civilian support staff members. The station is shared with Mesa Fire Department Station 12.

The Superstition Division has a Criminal Investigation Unit. These detectives investigate most of the criminal cases that occur within the division.  There is also a Special Investigations Unit that consists of a Gang squad and two Street Crimes squads. The Gang squad investigates all gang-related crimes, are proactive in identifying gang members, and take intervention measure to help youths at risk stay out of the gang environment. The Street Crimes squads are proactive in identifying and arresting criminals who commit crimes within the division.

The crime prevention officer assigned to Superstition works closely with local businesses, rental properties and the community to help solve crime and nuisance problems in neighborhoods and business areas.



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Superstition Patrol Division


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