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Internship applications are now being accepted for Spring 2015 placement.  

Internship positions are available through the Mesa Police Department to college and business/technical school students. For those considering a law enforcement or related field, we have some exciting ways to gain practical experience in a cutting edge municipal police environment.

Successful completion of a background investigation (including polygraph exam, fingerprinting, and drug screen) is required. All internship positions may be subject to a full background check. Application packets or additional information may be obtained by calling 480-644-2073. Application may also be downloaded.


Submission of Applications

Applications should be submitted a minimum of three months prior to desired start date. Internships are awarded on a first come, first served basis to qualified applicants.

Internship Duration

Internships are typically two to six months, based upon the applicant's needs. They require 15-20 hours per week.


Victim Services Unit Service Provision Intern

Assigned to our Mesa Family Advocacy Center, Victim Services Unit Service Provision Interns will: 1) prepare Injunctions Against Harassment and Orders of Protection; 2) provide child supervision to clients at the Center; 3) prepare crime-specific information packets; 4) triage RMS notifications; 5) provide phone contact with victims; and 6)Develop and maintain referral resources. Day shift hours; times negotiable between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.


Victim Services Unit Administrative Intern

Assigned to our Mesa Family Advocacy Center, Victim Services Unit Administrative Interns will: 1) research grant opportunities; 2) research guest speakers and schedule them; 3) aid in web page development for the Victim Services Unit and the Victim Assistance Program; 4) prepare Victim Assistance Program training materials; 5) perform data analysis and report preparation; and 6) assist with policy revision and program audit preparations.  Day shift hours; times negotiable between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.


Central Patrol Station Administrative Intern

Assigned to our Central Patrol Substation next to Headquarters, Central Patrol Substation Administrative Interns will: 1) answer telephones; 2) assist walk-in clients at the lobby window; 3) process Juvenile Referral forms; 4) enter citation data in a computer database and the Records Management System (RMS); and 5) enter data from patrol logs in a computer database.  Day shift hours between Monday and Friday; times negotiable between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Educational Requirement: Applicant must be enrolled in coursework for, or in the process of earning a degree in, business- or administrative-related field. Applicant must include a copy of his/her college, business school or technical school transcripts with his/her application, when submitted.


Crime Analysis Intern - Patrol Districts/CAFV

Assigned to our Crime Analysis personnel, Crime Analysis Interns may be assigned at one of our four patrol districts or at the CAFV (Center Against Family Violence). Crime Analysis Interns will: 1) assist Crime Analysts by reviewing police reports and preparing data for crime trend bulletins; 2) research criminal activity in Mesa; 3) compile and enter data into various databases; 4) use computer databases, electronic spreadsheets and other applications to manipulate, analyze and present data; and 5) perform related clerical functions, such as filing, copying, and shredding. Day shift hours, times flexible between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm.; 15-20 hours per week.


Crime Analysis Intern - Fusion Center  

The East Valley Gang and Criminal Information Fusion Center ('Fusion Center') is responsible for providing criminal and intelligence analysis based on information provided by Arizona law enforcement agencies, Arizona border states and federal criminal data sources. The duties of an intern will be to work as a team member providing systematic analysis of crime problems, as well as supporting police-related issues. In addition to criminal information, the Fusion Center uses socio-demographic, spatial and temporal factors to assist police in apprehension, crime and disorder reduction, crime prevention and evaluation of daily reported issues. The intern will provide support for analysis and reporting information to various law enforcement agencies. Day shift hours flexible from Monday through Friday; may choose to begin shift at either 7:00 am or 8:00 am;  15-20 hours per week.


Forensic Services Intern 

Assigned to our Forensic Services Section, Forensic Services Interns will: 1) perform documentation and logging tasks as instructed by Forensic Services Section analysts or Specialists; 2) will observe the Forensic Services Analyst operate the equipment and ask questions pertaining to the equipment; 3) assist the Forensic Services Analyst as requested; 4) scan reports, archived manuals, archived case data, and hard copy validation studies; 5) organize journal articles and other written reference materials; 6) assist Forensic Services Specialists with safety inspections; 7) organize and file Material Safety Data Sheets; 8) stock laboratory supplies; 9) assist in quality audits: 10) organize/update laboratory reference collections; 11) fingerprint individuals; 12) file documents and ten-print cards; 13) answer telephones; 14) stock supplies, 15) enter blood and urine records, in-custody drug records, etc. in LIMS; 16) process photo and fingerprint requests; and 17) process purchase requests. Intern may be subpoenaed to court as a witness and must consent to this facet of the position before accepting the internship.

Documentation to the college will represent the equipment that the student was allowed to observe and the tasks that the student accomplished while assigned to the Forensic Services Analyst.  Day shift hours; Monday through Friday; times negotiable between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Educational Requirement: Applicant must be within the last year of a four-year degree program in Forensic Science, Biology, Chemistry or a Natural Science. Applicant must include a copy of his/her college transcripts with his/her application, when submitted.


Traffic Unit Intern 

Assigned to the Mesa Police Department Traffic Unit, the Traffic Unit Intern will complete a combination of the following duties:  1) a review of Collision patterns citywide, to determine resource deployment; 2) a review of DUI data, i.e., frequency, locations, collision involvement, etc.; 3) a review of crime data to determine deployment patterns in conjunction with collision patterns; 4) assistance with special events planning, assignments and operations; 5) assistance with Traffic Safety presentation/events with Mesa Public Schools (intern will be supervised during student interaction); 6) assistance with Task Force operations; 7) identifying process improvement efficiencies; and 8) asset management -- inventory of applicable equipment and identification of replacement pieces based on best practices/safety concerns. Day shift hours; times flexible and open to discussion.




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