Volunteer Opportunity


Help To Reduce Excessive Speeding


One of the most frequently received citizen complaints is that of excessive speeding in certain areas.  With only so many officers available to perform selective traffic enforcement at any given time, our Mobile Traffic Monitor volunteers are very valuable in helping to respond to speeding complaints and in our efforts to encourage drivers to adhere to speed limits. M.T.M. volunteers operate out of our Traffic Unit using an unmarked department vehicle.  They are trained to utilize stationary radar equipment to capture speeds of passing vehicles; they also record license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions for those in violation.  They run the plates to obtain information on the vehicle's registered owner, whom they notify via letter that their vehicle was observed by this department exceeding the speed limit.  (The letters are signed by a sworn member of the Traffic Unit, who will also handle follow-up inquiries from the letter recipients.)


Desired Skills:  Must possess a valid driver's license; ability to complete MPD's Defensive Driving course; ability to operate stationary radar equipment after receiving on-the-job training; ability to use binoculars to capture license plate numbers; general knowledge of vehicle types; ability to perform very basic computer operation; ability to deal tactfully and professionally with the public.

Special Requirements:  Must successfully complete an open book, 25 question test about the use of the criminal justice computer in order for you to have access to it.

Hours Needed:  Very flexible; you may choose the week day(s); four-hour shifts.



Mesa Police Department
Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS)

PO Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211

If you are interested in this volunteer position, please call the volunteer coordinator at (480) 644-2073.

You can download the application packet here or use the online form to request an application.