Supervisor Quotes


The Mesa Police Department's volunteer program, which has been in place for over two decades, has proven to be such an incredible asset for the department and for the citizens of this community that the question is often uttered -- "What would we do without our volunteers?"

Here are quotes from volunteer supervisors on the importance of our volunteers' contributions:


"How fortunate the Mesa Police Department is to have such a wonderful person volunteering for us. She is delightful, patient, and kind. She really enjoys people and they seem to love her. I am personally so very thankful for her and I know I am a better person for having had the privilege of getting to know her."

"He is an asset to this unit and is well-liked and respected. He gets along with every member in the unit and is always prompt in reporting for work. He learns very fast, accomplishes all tasks assigned to him, and, most importantly, is self-motivated, needing little supervision."

"She's always willing to help and gets very involved -- takes leadership roles when she can and uses her social skills to get other people involved."

"He is a pleasure to work with. He always has a new joke to brighten everyone's day."

"She is an awesome worker. She works so hard and has a lot of patience with others."

"She is very dedicated, hard working, ambitious, friendly, and outgoing. I just love her personality and she is so easy to get along with. She is a major asset to whomever and wherever she works for."

"He's a pleasure to work with and has a consistent high level of performance. He is totally part of our team."

"She assists us in many ways. She has an excellent rapport with all of our unit members and we enjoy the relationship we've built with her. She's helpful, friendly, and we all love having her with us!" 

"He is 'The Rock.' He shows up dutifully every week to perform his chores and is our best public relations tool, bar none!"  



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