Common Public Records Requests

Much of the information one might be seeking can be found on this Web site.  Please follow the links below for information on:

Accident Reports

Background Check (the city does not provide background checks for outside agencies). You may contact Police for a Letter of clearance
Birth or death certificate
(Arizona State Vital Records Office
Certificate of Occupancy

City Code book
(outstanding fines, court dates, etc.)
Information on a parcel of land

Landlord / Tenant issues
(AZ Department of Housing)
Marriage Licenses
(Maricopa County Clerk of Superior Court)

Mesa Channel 11 video (live streaming and video of Council Study Sessions/Meetings or Planning & Zoning Board meetings)
Past Council Reports

Planning plat plans (please call 480-644-2385)

Planning questions (process & procedures)
Property Tax / Property line information
(Maricopa County Assessor's Office)
Status of a Building Safety Permit

Status of a Code Compliance issue

Tax & Licensing
reports and questions

Can't find what you need?  Try the City services phone directory.


Steven Wright,
Director of Public Information & Communications

Media Inquiries

Kevin Christopher

Intergovernmental Inquiries - contact Scott Butler at 480-644-2964


Public Records Requests FAQs

City services phone directory

Arizona Public Records Law