Alley Gating Program

My neighborhood has problems with our alley. What can we do?
The City has begun the process of gating alleys in Mesa. The goal of gating alleys is to provide residents with an alternative to maintaining a safer and better controlled alley. Gating the alley limits access to alleys with locked gates to reduce crime, noise, littering, illegal dumping, and loitering.

Abandonment Process

General Guidelines to Abandon Right-of-way, Easements and Alleys, per Arizona Revised Statutes, Sections 28-7205 and 28-7214.  When right-of-way (easement, alley, etc.) is abandoned, the title to the abandoned portion vests in the owners of the abutting land.  Effective July 21, 2004, the fees are as follows and are non-refundable.

Abandonment of an Easement
Single Family Residential $500
All other land $750
Per Mesa City Code 9-10-1 to 9-10-5


Abandonment of Right-of-Way
Single Family Residential $500 plus the cost of land
Residential Alley  $0 plus the cost of land
All other land $750 plus the cost of land
Per Mesa City Code 9-10-1 to 9-10-5

For detailed instructions, select the appropriate guideline to:

Abandon an alley right-of-way (.pdf 1 page)

Abandon an easement (.pdf 1 page)

Abandon street right-of-way (.pdf 1 page)

Gate an abandoned alley (.pdf 5 pages)


Abandonment forms:

Abandonment Application (.pdf 1 page)

Group Abandonment Petition (.pdf 2 pages)  

Individual Abandonment Petition (.pdf 1 pages)   

Understanding the Abandonment Procedure

Brochure  (.pdf 2 pages)




Abandonment Process

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