Pinal County Land Sales

The City of Mesa has announced that is has hired a local land brokerage company, Nathan & Associates, Inc., to represent the City's interest in the sale of approximately 11,606 acres of land. The land is located between the towns of Eloy and Coolidge in Pinal County.

Originally identified by the City's 2025 Financing the Future Committee, the City Council has directed that a portion of Mesa's land holding in Pinal County be sold during the next 10 years.

"We feel very fortunate to have someone of the caliber and the regional expertise of Nathan & Associates handling the sale of this significant asset," Mesa's City Manager Chris Brady said. " We have a great deal of confidence in them as we move forward with the sale and development of this land."

Mesa originally purchased the land in 1985 for a total of $29 million to provide a backup source of water. After recent analysis, the City has determined there are more viable resources to acquire water reserves in the future if necessary. According to the Mesa City Charter, the City Council will have to approve any land sale.

The proceeds from the land sale have already been projected in the City's budget forecasts.

Nathan & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1980 and was responsible for the sale of the largest piece of the General Motors proving grounds in east Mesa. That property was sold for $265 million. 

Additional information is available on this project by contacting Nathan & Associates Inc. at (480)-367-0700 or Yvonne McCall, City of Mesa at (480) 644-4448.

Informational Video Regarding Farm Property

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