Public Art Program

The City of Mesa Public Art Program was created by a City Council resolution in 1997.



Three public art projects by internationally known artists have been incorporated into the design of the new Mesa Arts Center.  All three projects were formally dedicated on September 23, 2005.

photo of color walkColor Walk by Beth Galston.  Color Walk consists of two ribbons of colored glass that are affixed to the metal guardrails of the second and third levels on the west façade of the Studios buildings.  The imagery for the glass is based on photographs the artist took in Mesa of the sky at dusk during a rainstorm.  The photographs were digitally altered to create a painterly effect creating the experience of pure color and light.  The glass panels interact with the intense sunlight to project light and color into the bridge walkways.

photo of artworkFragmented Landscape by Ned Kahn.  Two shade screens adorn the west-facing wall of the theater building, each consisting of thousands of small aluminum panels that are activated by wind.  The panels of the smaller screen are perforated with different sized holes that, when viewed from a distance, create a photographic image of sand dunes.  A blue-anodized finish that coats the larger screen's panels creates the impression of a vertical sheet of water, rippled by the wind. *Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Award winner for Art in Public Places (2006).

LightstormLight Storm by Catherine Widgery.  Light Storm consists of over 30,000 stainless steel discs imbedded into the paving inside and outside the theater lobbies.  Each disc is precisely set at the point where the wave patterns of two enormous vortices intersect, as if a desert wind had caught them and blown them through the lobbies onto the Shadow Walk.  The work exists as reflected light only and the overall patterns can be best seen from the stairways above.