Internal Affairs

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It is the policy of the Mesa Police Department to thoroughly record and expeditiously investigate all complaints, to take swift corrective disciplinary action when appropriate, to take swift corrective procedural action when necessary, and to protect the rights of the employees and the citizens of the community that it serves.

As a means of maintaining both employee performance and a positive relationship with the community, the Mesa Police Department welcomes the commendations of our employees who admirably perform their duties. Likewise, we encourage questions or valid complaints about the actions our employees have taken.

You are encouraged to call the police department if you witness or learn of police misconduct. This misconduct may relate to excessive use of force, unethical conduct, discourteous or abusive actions, or a violation of a city, state or federal law.  When a complaint is initiated, an objective and thorough investigation of the allegation(s) will be conducted by the police department.


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