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There you are... just who we're looking for! If you got here, we know you're interested in sustainability, green ideas and protecting the natural environment. But sustainability also includes creating a better community, boosting economic growth, and promoting a vibrant social network. Even the smallest act can make a big difference.MESA-AZ_GREEN no website

You've taken the first step by visiting this site where you'll find lots of simple choices for your next step - finding ways to make a positive impact! With your help, ideas, and participation, it will all contribute to building a sustainable community. Find Mesa's Living Green Info Card (PDF).



  • CELEBRATE NATURE! (PDF) – It’s the Earth’s turn to celebrate! Check out 10 ways to make a positive impact on the planet.
  • Earth Day: April 22 - Focuses our attention on the importance of protecting the environment.
  • Arbor Day: April 29 - Setting aside a special day for tree planting and tree care.
  • Water Awareness Month: Raising awareness about the importance of water conservation.
  • National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation – Save Water, Win a Prius. Mayors nationwide have challenged their residents to conserve water, energy and other natural resources on behalf of their city. Go to Note: Mesa has finished within the Top 10 for the last two years. Right now, we’re trending at #14. Let’s show how good Mesa is at saving water.

Sustainability Events for April - There's so much going on!

Landscape Watering Reminder for April. It's warming up! 

If it's SPRING, their right around the corner. Visit our Earth Day and Arbor Day pages to learn more!

Find our NEW Low Impact Development Toolkit (PDF) and learn how we can clean our water, water our street landscapes and reduce urban flooding.

Solar Resources - great links and information on how to go solar, ways to incorporate energy efficiency into your home, and some additional, yet creative ways to use our abundant sunshine. Here we also shed some light on exciting City solar projects!

Solar Pilot Program for City of Mesa Electric Customers! Up to $1,000 for residential and $15,000 for commercial qualified solar electric (PV) systems in Mesa's electric service area.

Are you wondering how to properly drain or backwash your pool while protecting the environment? We have the details!

Learn more about LEED Fire Stations in Mesa: LEED features were incorporated into Fire Station 219 and 220. What is LEED? Check out our fun, tell-all blog of why this fire station is different - Diary of a LEED Fire Station.

Large properties can save water and money with our landscape water use calculator.


  • Community Garden
  • Cool City Programs
  • Green Workshops & Events
  • Green Building for Homeowners
  • Sustainability Resources