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TPT - Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax Simplification is coming! Stay tuned to the Arizona Department of Revenue website for updates!
Model City Tax Code changes - approved 10/10/14 (Mesa City Council considering codifying this change to the Mesa Tax Code)
  Tax Code Changes Approved by the Municipal Tax Code Commission on September 10, 2013
  Notice of Tax Change 07-01-2013: Transaction Privilege Tax Exemption for Commercial Leases  
  Effective July 1, 2013 - Tax Code Changes:
  Proposed Access To Care Program Ordinance (also see more information)
  Related Party Commercial Rental Exemption - HB2324: The Governor signed the bill on 4/3/13, allowing for a city tax exemption on certain related party real property
  The 1% Temporary Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax increase approved by voters in May 2010 will expire after May 31, 2013. The new State, Maricopa County & City of Mesa combined tax rate effective June 1, 2013 will be reduced to 8.05% (State 5.6%, Maricopa County .7% and City of Mesa 1.75%). NOTE: there is no change or reduction in the City tax rate, just the overall combined rate. For more information refer to the Arizona Department of Revenue’s Website at www.azdor.gov.
  Licensing processing timeframes
  Contractor Declaration Certificate
  Speculative Builder’s Declaration Certificate
  Special Event Craft Vendor and Convention Center Vendor brochures
  Disclosure / Representation Authorization
  Off Track Betting Code effective July 26th, 2012  (Application)
  Transaction Privilege (Sales) & Use Tax Re-issuance Request
  Contracting - Landscaping brochure
  House Bill 2236 (HB2236) Relating to Tax Refunds
  Use Tax Self Reporting Form (excel file)        Instructions (.pdf)
  ORDINANCE 5059  (Medical Marijuana tax code language, Rental of Real Property updates, and Use Tax Exemptions for a School District or Charter School)
  New Licensing Eligibility Legislation
  Attorney General's Opinion on Medical Marijuana
  Conforming changes to the Mesa City Tax Code:  Solar Energy Devices, Real Property Rentals Between Affiliated Corporations, Use Tax Exemption for School Districts and Charter Schools  
  Medical Marijuana Tax Update --Effective Date June 1, 2011
  Jan 26, 2011 Arizona Attorney General Press Release - Taxation of Medical Marijuana
Effective 01-01-11 the City's Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) rate will increase from three percent (3%) to five percent (5%).
  See also Recent Tax Changes - Ordinance and Resolution Changes



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