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                                                                Mesa TPT Simplification
Ord 5259 - passed and adopted December 8, 2014. Effective 30 days after adoption (see also Resolutions 10567 & 10570)
Model City Tax Code changes - approved 10/10/14 (Mesa City Council considering codifying this change to the Mesa Tax Code)


Important When Purchasing an Existing Business
Pursuant to the Mesa Tax Code, a purchaser of an existing business can be held liable for past due taxes, interest and penalties owed by the seller of the business.


In order to avoid this successor liability, the purchaser must request from the seller a copy of a Certificate of Compliance that the seller has obtained from the City’s Tax Audit & Collections Department which states that the seller does not have any amounts due the City. (Refer to Mesa Tax Code Section 5-10-595 for additional information)

The retail tax rate in Mesa is currently 8.05%.  This consists of:

City of Mesa 1.75% (remitted to the City of Mesa)
State of Arizona 5.6%  (remitted to the State)
Maricopa County 0.7% (remitted to the State)
Other tax rates:    
Use Tax 1.75% (remitted to the City of Mesa)
Transient Lodging Tax (TLT)  5.0% (remitted to the City of Mesa)


Annual Interest Rate History

Privilege (Sales) & Use Tax Schedule - 8.05%

Voluntary Disclosure Program

Tax Forms

To file amended tax reporting forms or obtain additional information please call 480-644-3816.

You may also fax your amended tax reporting form to 480-644-2687.


Transaction Privilege Tax 

Use Tax 

Transient Lodging Tax                                   


Sales Tax Report by Month and Area

Sales Tax Summary Report




The Licensing Office issues various regulatory licenses as mandated by the City of Mesa:


Licensing processing timeframes


License Type City Code Application / Additional Information
Alcoholic Beverages, Sale (Liquor License) Code State Application
Auctioneer Code Application
Antique Dealer, Scrap Metal Dealer, and Secondhand Dealer Code Application
Bingo N/A State Information
Fortune Telling Code Application
Group Home for the Handicapped and Supervised Living Facility   Repealed 6/18/08  
Livestock Code Application
Massage Establishments Code (Proposed Code Changes)

Massage Establishment Information Change Code  Application
Massage Establishment Location Change Code Application
Massage Manager Code Application
Massage Manager Log N/A Form
Massage Temporary Manager Request Code Form
Massage Temporary Manager Termination Code Form
Off Track Betting Code Application
Pawnbroker Code Application
Park and Swap Operations Code Application
Peddlers, Solicitors, and Transient Merchants Code Application
Recovery Home and Supervised Living Facility License Repealed 6/18/08  
Sexually Oriented Businesses Code Business Application
Employee Application
Special Events Code  
     Alcoholic Beverages (Liquor License) Code  
     Alcoholic Beverages (Extension of Premises) N/A  
     Fireworks N/A  
Teenage Dance Halls Code Application
Tent / Canopy
     Tents larger than 400 square feet
     Canopies larger than 1200 square feet
N/A Please contact Fire Prevention at 480.644.2622 for more information

Office Locations:
Licensing Office
55 N. Center St.
Mesa, AZ  85201
Phone: 480-644-2316
FAX: 480-644-3999

Tax Audit & Collections
20 E. Main St, Suite 450
Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: 480-644-3816
FAX: 480-644-2687

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday
7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed Fridays

Mailing Address:
Tax & Licensing Office
P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, Arizona 85211-1466


Tax Simplification questions

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