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Thank you for visiting our Sunflower Activity and Community Garden Booth at Celebrate Mesa! Check to see if your raffle ticket was selected for a prize below! Prizes must be claimed by Tuesday, April 30 (extended to May 9 - see below)!

Do you have a matching ticket? If so, send us an email with your name, mailing address, phone number and winning ticket number!

PRIZE                                TICKET NUMBER

The Lorax DVD                    866950

The Lorax DVD                    412055

The Lorax DVD                    867000

The Lorax DVDEarth Day Logo                    412245

The Lorax DVD                    866723

The Lorax Book                    866883 (claimed!)

The Lorax Book                    412036

The Lorax Book                    412341

The Lorax Book                    866869 (claimed)

The Lorax Book                    412196

Wayne Drop Beanie             866585

Wayne Drop Beanie             412151

Wayne Drop Beanie             866915

Wayne Drop Beanie             866548

Wayne Drop Beanie             412143

Wayne Drop Beanie             866927

Wayne Drop Beanie             412061

WaterWise Landscape CD    412087

WaterWise Landscape CD    866989

WaterWise Landscape CD    412233

WaterWise Landscape CD    866734

WaterWise Landscape CD    412202

WaterWise Landscape CD    866448

WaterWise Landscape CD    412189

Uncle John's Green Book       866904

T-Shirt (Water - Use It Wisely)  412330


Do you have a matching ticket? If so, send us an email* with your name, mailing address, phone number and winning ticket number! If you are unable to email us, please call us at 480-644-3306 - you can leave a message after hours.

*email address has been corrected. Our sincere apologies. Please email us again if you have a winning ticket! As of April 25, 2013.

The deadline to claim prizes will be extended to May 9 due to our error!


Visit our Earth Day page for events, and fun links.

Learn more about Earth Day and Arbor Day

quote from Gaylord Nelson

earth dayEARTH DAY: On April 22, 1970, 20 million people across America celebrated the first Earth Day. Today, Earth Day is celebrated annually around the globe, and through combined efforts of grassroots organizations, and citizens like you, what started as a day of national environmental recognition has evolved into a world-wide campaign to protect our global environment. Celebrate the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day by attending one of the events below. Visit our Earth Day page for events, and fun links.

ARBOR DAY: It has been 141 years since J. Sterlingquote from J. Sterling Morton Morton founded Arbor Day. His simple idea of setting aside a special day for tree planting is now more important than ever. The 1st official Arbor Day was created by Morton and celebrated in Nebraska in 1872. In the years following that first Arbor Day, Morton's idea spread beyond Nebraska and today all 50 states celebrate Arbor Day. Find tree care information and more on our Arbor Day page.



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