Diary of a Mesa LEED Fire Station

The City of Mesa has two high performing LEED Fire stations:  Fire Station 219, 3361 S. Signal Butte Road, and Fire Station 220, 5763 E. Main Street. 


The new fire stations will provide critical emergency services to hundreds of homes and thousands of residents, along with existing and planned businesses in these areas. These stations will also be the first City of Mesa buildings to be LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design registration from the U.S. Green Building Council). Construction will incorporate several sustainable measures, including solar panels, a solar hot water system, attention to indoor air quality and insulated concrete exterior walls. Each station was designed to fit seamlessly into the community.  They do not look alike but their design concepts and construction details are very similar.


What does it take to construct a LEED building? Check out our Dear Diary blog to find out!



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Dear Diary....


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Why would a LEED Fire Station write Diary entries about its creation? Why not! Read our tell-all construction experiences and insights for our LEED Fire Station.

LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in key areas.

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Efforts will be made to achieve gold certification for LEED. The construction of the fire station will incorporate the sustainable practices listed in the Guiding Principles for Sustainable New Construction and Major Renovations.

The new fire station will have three apparatus bays that will exit onto Signal Butte Road, six dormitory rooms for firefighters, two dormitory rooms for captains and a community/training room for the public.

Call 480-644-5175 with questions. Check back often for site updates.


ARRA logoThe new station is part of a public safety bond approved by Mesa voters in 2008. Funding is also being provided by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) through its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act program to provide grants for construction of fire stations.


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Here's our LEED points project check list
Fire Station 219 will support these Sustainability Measures and more:

- Construct with Regional Materials
Reduce transportation costs

- Install Efficient Roofing
Solar reflectance and material for energy efficiency and recycled material

- Achieve High Water Efficiency
High efficiency fixtures and appliances indoors and low water use and native materials in landscape

- Commission Efficient Mechanical Equipment
Energy efficiency and commissioning

- Incorporate Low Emission Materials
Low VOC materials  and paints to improve indoor air quality  

- Harness Solar Renewable Energy
Photovoltaic and water heating

- Tackle Waste Management
Recycle construction waste





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