BEST Volunteer Program (Business Education Safety Training)

What is the Mesa Fire and Medical Department's BEST Program?

The BEST program is specifically designed to assist the Fire Prevention Division and low hazard businesses in our community. This program will help eliminate fire and life safety hazards through education and identification. The Mesa Fire and Medical Department and the BEST program volunteers are teaming up with local businesses to educate and assist them in identifying and avoiding these hazards. As part of the BEST program, trained volunteers will make business education safety visits to 4,500 "low hazard" business occupancies every three years. The BEST program has been developed by the Prevention Division of the Mesa Fire and Medical Department in cooperation with the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, in an effort to support the safety and welfare of our local businesses.

What the BEST Program Means to You:

A trained volunteer representative of the Mesa Fire and Medical Department will visit your occupancy and request that the owner or manager walk through a safety checklist with them. This checklist will help you to eliminate fire and life safety hazards in your occupancy to aid in making it safer for you.  In addition, BEST volunteers will update fire department documentation and emergency contact information. The trained volunteer will also be checking  emergency Knox Box systems, conducting safety training, and answering related questions.

Workplace Safety Checklist:

1.    Is the address posted in the front and back of the building?
2.    Is the fire lane clear for emergency vehicles?
3.    Can all exit doors be opened easily from inside?
4.    Doors with panic hardware have no other locking device?
5.    Do all exit doors have only one approved locking device?
6.    Are all aisles, stairs and exits clear and unobstructed?
7.    Are your exit signs/emergency lighting working?
8.    Are all electrical cords in good shape?
9.    Less than 30 gallons flammable liquids stored in the building?
10.  Is there an emergency evacuation plan posted?
11.  Are water heaters clear of storage as stated on appliance?
12.  Do all electric panels have a 30" clearance for easy access?
13.  Are all dumpsters 5' away from combustible walls?
14.  Is the occupant load posted and not exceeded?
15.  Have extinguishers been inspected and retagged this year?
16.  Do employees know where extinguishers are located?

Our Commitment to you...

The Mesa Fire and Medical Department is a full service organization that takes pride in its positive relationship with the community.

Our goal is to serve and increase safety in our community.

For more information on volunteer opportunities or program information, please contact the Mesa Fire and Medical Department Prevention Division at 480-644-4534.