MFMDMesa Fire and Medical Department

Fire Cadet Program

The Cadet Program occurs September through May and is a youth educational program designed for students aged 15 through 18.

The Cadet program provides an opportunity for participants to learn skills applicable to the firefighting profession.  The Cadet learns about the Fire Service and, in turn, volunteers time to the City of Mesa.

To find out more about eligibility requirements, the application process, program fees and program commitments, visit our recruitment page.

Program Goals:
  • Develop team building and leadership skills
  • Understand the firefighter-recruit testing process
  • Learn basic firefighting skills, CPR and first aid techniques
  • Participate in physical fitness
  • Become familiar with fire equipment and apparatus


Program Coordinator:


Apply for the program!

Next recruitment will be held August 21, 2014 through September 12, 2014

Meeting Information: 

Most meetings are held at the Fire Public Safety Training Facility located at 3260 North 40th Street, Mesa.

Meetings include class room training as well as physical fitness training, practicing firefighting skills, and performing emergency medical skills.

Note:  Participation requires physical activity with a medical clearance.

Cadets in Action 

Other Activities:

Cadets also participate in community service events including public education activities and City sponsored events. Participation in these extra activities is not required, however, members are highly encouraged to participate.