Be Seen Being Green


Dear Mesa resident,

We appreciate your active participation in Mesa's recycling program.  The simple act of placing materials into the appropriate barrel helped produce the following results in 2011:

- 32,653 tons of material was recycled in the blue barrel

- $1,627,438 was generated in recycling revenue which helped fund many of your essential city services

- 17,543 tons of yard waste was recycled in the green barrel

- Mesa saved $863,094 in landfill disposal costs by recycling and composting

Despite these amazing numbers, we still sent more than 108,747 tons of trash to the landfill.  However, you can help change that. 

Please remind your family, friends and neighbors to do their part for the planet and "Be Seen Being Green!"

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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I recycle in Mesa's blue barrel?  

More than you think!  To learn about what is accepted in Mesa's blue recycle barrel, please visit our blue barrel page.  


What if I don't have a blue recycle barrel at my home?  

City of Mesa solid waste customers living in a single-family home are eligible to have a blue recycle barrel.  If you don't have one or would like to request an additional recycle barrel, please contact Customer Service.


What if I live in a multi-dwelling community?  

Many apartment and condominium communities in Mesa are already recycling as part of a program especially created for them.  Community blue barrels can be placed on-site so residents can recycle their paper, metal, plastic and glass materials.  To learn more about how your community can be a part of this program, please visit our multi-dwelling recycling page.


Is recycling available for businesses in Mesa?  

Mesa businesses with City of Mesa solid waste service are eligible to participate in the City's recycling program.  You may even be able to reduce your current trash service frequency.  For more information, visit our business recycling page.


Does the City of Mesa have any public recycling drop-off sites?  

Yes.  The City of Mesa offers three 24-hour drop-off centers for residents and businesses to recycle their material.  To find the nearest location, please visit our drop-off recycling page.


Where else can I recycle?  

The City of Mesa takes pride in its recycling program and encourages residents and visitors to recycle their material where recycling is available.  Here is just a brief highlight of where recycling is available:

  • Select City of Mesa parks
  • Mesa Arts Center
  • Arizona Museum for Youth
  • Arizona Museum of Natural History
  • Mesa public libraries
  • Downtown Mesa bus stops
  • Hohokam Stadium
  • Mesa public schools


Can I recycle my green yard waste?  

While green yard waste is not accepted in the blue barrel, the City of Mesa does offer an exclusive green barrel for the recycling of grass, small branches and other yard clippings.  Collected material is kept out of the landfill and instead converted into mulch.  Participation in this program is voluntary and is available for an additional monthly fee of $5.51.  To learn more about this program, visit our green barrel page.


What should I do with my plastic grocery bags?  

Unfortunately, because of the sorting process, plastic bags can't be recycled in Mesa's blue barrel. They can become tangled in the equipment and reduce productivity.  However, you can take them back to your favorite retailer and they can recycle them for you.  Just look for a specially marked container near the front of the store entrance.


What other recycling programs does the City of Mesa offer?  

Check out our Mesa Recycles page for a complete listing of available programs and services to help you and your family live a 'green' lifestyle.


What if I have additional questions?  

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at  You may also speak to a City of Mesa Customer Service Representative by calling (480) 644-2221, Monday-Thursday 7 a.m.-6 p.m.





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