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Stop. Watch. Stay Away!

Trucks are all around us, we see them every day.
Are you safe around the trucks that take the trash away?



Garbage Truck Safety Activity Sheet
Hi there!

I'm "Gus the Garbage Truck" and this here is my friend "Benny the Barrel". We love Mesa residents and we want to make sure that everyone stays safe when me and my Solid Waste friends are in your neighborhood emptying your trash and recycle barrels.

You'll be happy to know that we have some of the best truck operators in the state.  Many of them have won local and national driving competitions.  However, even with their amazing driving skills, we still need your help.


What should you do when you see a garbage truck coming down your street?

  • Stop. When you see a garbage truck in your neighborhood, be sure to STOP a safe distance away from the truck.  A good general rule of thumb is to stand back a distance equal to the length of the truck or at least 25 feet.  This will protect you from entering any limited visibility areas that may be associated with large vehicles.

  • Watch. We love our garbage truck fans and our operators enjoy watching their enthusiastic excitement as the truck makes its way down the street.  Many of our fans, particularly our younger ones, love to watch the truck in motion which is great.  However, you want to be sure to watch from a safe distance.  A perfect viewing spot is from a front window inside your home or if it's a nice day you can stand outside but be sure to stay near your house. 

  • Stay Away. In order to remain safe, you should never approach the garbage truck.  If your family forgot to set your trash or recycle barrel out for service and you hear the truck in your neighborhood, please don't put yourself in harm's way.  Instead, have someone call City of Mesa Customer Service at (480) 644-2221 to make alternative arrangements.


I can see the garbage truck operator but can he or she always see me?

The truck operator is monitoring several cameras and mirrors, along with performing other mechanical tasks as he or she safely services each barrel.  This means that they may not always see you right away.  That is why it is important for you to stay back a safe distance from the truck.


Garbage Truck Safety Videos



It's Game Time!

Have fun answering these questions!

Hover over the answer you think is correct.

Even though it looks really cool, what should you do when you see a garbage truck come through your neighborhood?
 Is it safe to climb on a garbage truck?
Should you ride your bike or run up to meet a garbage truck?
Should you play in garbage barrels or bins?

What does the beeping sound that garbage truck makes mean?

Safety First





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Solid Waste Management Department

Customer Service
(480) 644-2221

Department Managers

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211

Walk-in service requests/payments:
55 N. Center St.
Mesa, AZ 85201

6935 E. Decatur St.
Mesa, AZ 85207

Office Hours:
7 a.m.-6 p.m.
Closed Fridays & holidays


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