Green Waste Barrel Recycling Program


Picture of man mowing lawn According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generate approximately 180 million tons of garbage each year.  Of this, green waste (grass, leaves, plant trimmings, tree branches and prunings) represents about 18% or 32 million tons.  Recycling yard waste reduces the amount of waste going to the landfills.

In 2013, Mesa green barrel customers recycled 18,144 tons of yard waste.  Will you join them and help make that number grow?


Why should I recycle my green yard waste?

  • Frees up space in your trash barrel for non-recyclable material
  • Eliminates the need to have an extra trash barrel for green yard waste which can save you money
    • If you have more than one black garbage barrel, you can exchange one of them for a "green waste only" barrel and reduce your monthly trash bill.

  • Reduces the use of plastic bags as the material placed in the green barrel does not need to be bagged and tied
  • Helps the environment - Collected material is reused as compost, mulch and raw material for other applications
  • Extends the life of the landfill by conserving precious landfill space


How large is the green waste barrel?

Green waste barrels have a 90-gallon capacity and are approximately 45"h x 28"w x 34"d.


How can I obtain a green waste barrel?

Green waste barrels are available for an additional $6.01 per month (6-month minimum consecutive service required) and are serviced on the same day as the blue barrel by our green waste collection truck.  If you would like to participate in the program or would like more information, please call Customer Service.  Current customers can also request a green barrel by completing and submitting the online request form.


Green waste barrel reminders

  • Only place unbagged yard waste such as grass, leaves, plant trimmings, small tree branches and prunings into the green barrel.   Due to the uses of the collected material and composting process, palm fronds, oleander trimmings, citrus fruit and cacti are currently not accepted in the green barrel.
  • Cut tree branch limbs and trimmings into 24" sections; branch diameter should not exceed 12".
  • Do not use barrel for lumber, trash, food waste, animal waste, metal or concrete.
  • Place barrel out for collection on a weekly basis to avoid generating odors.
  • General barrel reminders


Why do City of Mesa employees look inside our neighborhood barrels?



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