Landfill & Recycling Sorting Facility Workshop


Picture of blue barrel being serviced by truck
My blue recycle barrel has just been serviced.  Now what happens?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the material you recycle in your blue barrel once it has been serviced by a City of Mesa recycle truck?  Attend this free workshop and tour to find out!

Next Event Date: Fall 2015

Salt River Landfill
Gilbert Road & Beeline Highway

Advance registration is required.


What will be covered during this workshop and tour?

Before material can be sent to a recycling plant, it must first be sorted locally at a materials recovery facility (MRF).  Residents attending this workshop will have the opportunity to learn how the material is separated at the MRF, which uses a combination of high tech machinery and hand sorting.  In addition, guests will learn about what goes into operating a landfill of today and Mesa's recycling program. Staff will be available to answer questions throughout the workshop.

* Depending on the volume of incoming recyclables that week, the Materials Recovery Facility may or may not be operating during the workshop.  However, you will get to see the equipment used in the sorting process.


Is there a minimum age requirement to attend this workshop?

While there isn't a minimum age requirement, the workshop is geared for older kids and adults.  However, children 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Is advance registration required?

Yes.  Due to limited seating, advance registration is required.  Registration form


Are tours available for large groups during the year?

School groups, church organizations, scout troops, profesional associations and any other large groups can request a tour directly with the landfill throughout the year.  For more information, visit Salt River Landfil tours


What is the difference between a recycling plant and a MRF?

The MRF is the first step in the recycling process.  The recyclables are sorted by individual commodity (paper, glass, plastic, metal) at the MRF.  Once the material has been sorted and bundled, it is sent to a recycling plant where it is recycled and made into new products.



If you have any questions about this workshop, please feel free to email us.


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