In the U.S. the Environmental Protection Agency protects drinking water quality through the administration of the Safe Drinking Water Act.  Up to 100 tests a day are performed on the drinking water you receive at your home or business. These tests are repeated daily to make sure your water meets every health and safety standard set by the state and federal government.
Since 1999, water suppliers have been required to provide Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) to their customers on an annual basis.  These reports are due by July 1 each year and include information on any contaminants found in the drinking water, possible health effects, and the water’s source.  You can find additional information about City of Mesa drinking water at:

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Top 10 tips for homeowners to maintain water quality in your home:

  1. Clean faucets and aerators regularly
  2. Clean and disinfect sinks and drains regularly
  3. Keep drains clear and unclogged
  4. Use cold water for drinking and preparing food
  5. Replace old plumbing and install certified “lead free” fixtures
  6. Flush cold water taps after household plumbing work or when the water hasn’t been used for several days
  7. Drain and flush your hot water heater annually
  8. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the water heater, filters, treatment devices, softeners and any other products attached to the water system
  9. Do not connect hoses or other devices intended for non-drinking purposes to household drinking water faucets
  10. Keep hazardous chemicals and unsanitary materials away from drinking water faucets