Industrial Pretreatment Frequently Asked Questions

What is a permit?
A permit is a document issued by the City of Mesa Industrial Pretreatment Section (IPS) to regulate the types and concentrations of pollutants a facility may discharge into the City of Mesa wastewater collection system.  A permit is only required for facilities that have a "process" wastewater discharge or a categorical process as defined by 40 CFR 403

What does the City of Mesa consider a "process" wastewater to be?
The IPS considers "process" wastewater to be any water that, during a manufacturing or processing operation, comes into direct contact with, or results from the production or use of, any raw material, intermediate product, finished product, by-product, or waste product.

What happens if I am operating without a permit?
All new facilities are required to complete surveys that IPS distribute to new businesses.  Mesa's IPS performs site visits at facilities throughout Mesa, as required by Federal Law.  If a facility is operating without a permit, it may be subject to civil and criminal actions.  A facility may face enforcement actions if a preliminary survey is not submitted to the City of Mesa IPS.  Once a survey is received, the City will determine if a permit is required, based on specific criteria.   

How much does a permit cost?
Permits are free of charge.  However, after a permit is issued, a facility may be assessed a monetary charge on a quarterly basis to compensate for monitoring costs.  The amount is determined by the strength or volume of wastewater discharged.

What happens once a permit is issued?
Each permit is different, based on the type of operations performed at the particular facility.  Once a permit is issued, the City of Mesa Industrial Pretreatment Section will perform a minimum of one compliance inspection per calendar year.  Facilities that have a discharge will be required to implement self-monitoring.


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