City of Mesa's Water Supply Portfolio

The scarcity of water and the importance of sustainable water supplies are all over the news right now. But it is not news to us. Water Filling Glass

The City of Mesa boasts a 100-year assured water supply as designated by the Arizona Department of Water Resources. The City has worked hard and planned well to develop a robust, sustainable and diverse water portfolio and has augmented its supplies with water stored underground to protect against future drought and climate change. All of this means that Mesa can support a vibrant population base, recreational facilities and industrial economy for both current and future generations.


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Available supplies include Colorado River water delivered via the Central Arizona Project, Salt and Verde river water delivered via the Salt River Project, local groundwater and reclaimed water from the City's water reclamation facilities. Because Mesa has participated in nearly every water rights settlement in the state, has built the infrastructure necessary to depend on both surface and groundwater and has ensured an appropriately sized contingency fund for its water utilities, Mesa's water supplies are physically, legally and financially secure. 

Water Supplies

Colorado River Supplies

Salt River Supplies

Groundwater Supplies

Reclaimed Water Supplies


For more information about Water Supply  
Please contact the Water Quality division at 480-644-6461.